Padmashri Ishwarbhai Patel, President

  Ishwarbhai Patel is at present, President of Gujarat Harijan Sevak Sangh, founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1932. A veteran social worker and a known low cost sanitarian  is providing leadership to Manav Sadhna also. His heart, full of compassion for the deprived gives proper direction to the activities of ‘Service Association for the Blind’ as its President. Under his dynamic leadership Manav Sadhna has undertaken manifold activities. He is torchbearer of the cause of the so called untouchables of the country.

In appreciation of his meritorious services in the areas of low cost sanitation, water awareness, services to the humanity and downtrodden classes, he has been awarded about 11 awards including very prestigious ‘Padmashri’

Being a dedicated and devoted follower of Gandhian philosophy, he is a strong supporter of communal harmony. Ishwarbhai’s selfless services are always available may it be a natural calamity of earthquake or draught or may it be a man made calamity of communal disturbances.


Viren Joshi, Managing Director  


  Manav Sadhna has been life long dream of  Shri Viren Joshi a mechanical engineer, living and working in Chicago. Since his collage days, Viren knew he wanted to help poor in someway. Shri Viren Joshi, on his return in 1989-90 successfully implemented water awareness project handed over to him by Shri Ishwarbhai Patel. This project brought Viren Joshi and Shri Ishwarbhai together and their relationship grew stronger and stronger, day by day, year after year. The concept of Manav Sadhna was result of this close bond of relationship. Viren Joshi accepted the position of Managing Director when the organization took a formal shape. 


Currently, Viren spends his time shuttling between the United States and India, where he gathers support and initiates new projects. He works with great passion and devotion to uplift the poor and backward classes of India. His main love is putting a smile on the face of a child in need.  


Viren Joshi is working with all the dedication and commitment. He is Managing Trustee of Manav Sadhna registered in USA and has kindled the lamp of service in many hearts in USA also.


ANAR PATEL, Secretary

  Anar Patel and Jayesh Patel having come into contact with Shri Viren Joshi, when he implemented water awareness project, were inspired to resume there service activities which they had left for a while after graduation.

  Anar Patel, a touch bearer of the cause of underprivileged children of slums and streets, of widows, destitute and divorcees, works for women uplift and education. She attaches prime importance to education for all sided development of the child. The Principles she adheres to…..are sympathizing with children and commitment of their education. As one of the founder trustees of Manav Sadhna, she takes care of the non formal school of one of the slums adopted by Manav Sadhna. She endeavors to bring out dormant energy of all children through twin concepts of  Lok Vakya (folk beliefs) and Lok Kala (folk culture). She devotes all her time and energy for formal and non formal education.  She is organizing income generation activities for needy, poor women of much lower socio-economic groups. Embroidery, tailoring, greeting cards, festival lamp and paper crafts are a few  activities undertaken by her which not only bring supplementary income to the children and mothers who make them but also combine earning and fun. 



 Jayesh Patel, a young dynamic social worker is wedded to Gandhian Philosophy for all his community oriented service activities. Having strong faith in a maxim “if given opportunity, each one develops” , he works for uplift of slum and street children. He is a naturopath and has strong conviction for traditional ways and means for better life style. Although he is staunch follower of Indian values, he has amazing skills of synchronizing ‘old and new’, ‘east and west’ in all walks of life. His heart always throbs for the most oppressed, down trodden and lower socio economic classes of society. He tries to reach to the most under privileged groups of society. Being moved by the plights of those ‘ have nots’  he has undertaken various activities for street and slum children, for poor and oppressed, for destitute and victims of natural or man made calamities through MANAV SADHNA which is dream of VIREN, ANAR & JAYESH.


Vandana Agarwal, Trustee

 By profession, Vandana is an architect, however, she is also a Trustee of Manav Sadhna and a face seen daily at Gandhi Ashram. Vandana was inspired by Mother Teresa, and has been working for the poor since her youth, involved in various clubs and organizations, as well as concentrating on low cost architecture. Vandana came to know of Manav Sadhna’s activities through a newspaper article, and immediately went to the Ashram.

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